BioChem Oss. Our History

Our Sustainability Ambition

At Biochem Oss we want to create value for our customers, society and our planet. We do this by acting responsibly and transparently and respecting everyone’s rights in realizing our business strategy. We also ensure a safe and stimulating working environment for our employees and show respect for the (local) community in which we operate. Furthermore, we strive for high levels of quality (GMP) and safety (SHE), while proactively responding to changing regulations.

Reduction of solvent emissions, water and energy consumption

Our long history and expertise in biopharmaceutical production helps us make high-quality products with minimal environmental impact. We continuously improve our technology and reduce our emissions. In recent years, for example, we have achieved a reduction of over 50% in solvent emissions, water and energy consumption. But we continue to push ourselves to achieve an even more sustainable API production in the future.

Sustainability at Biochem Oss

We find it important to protect our employees, the environment and our products. For many years we have been working towards a sustainable society and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: the SDGs. We have prioritized four of the SDG goals where we have the most impact:

Our areas of focus

Our actions and priorities can be divided into the 3 focus areas of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).


We focus on reducing our environmental footprint and fulfilling a responsible role in society. We are working on reducing our CO2 emissions and achieving circular production. This includes water and resource use and the reuse of waste. We also examine the ecological impact of our partners in the chain (our suppliers, for example), determine this and make agreements to reduce it. In this way, we strive to work with sustainable partners as much as possible.


We offer our employees a safe and healthy workplace, good salary, good training opportunities and equal opportunities for all. Everyone is welcome with us; we believe in inclusiveness and diversity. We respect human rights and the local community. We strive to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and high-quality medicine.


Governance and corporate goals are well developed. We act ethically, with integrity and clearly established anti-bribery rules. This way of acting is implemented and rules are strictly adhered to. We ensure healthy operations and continuity of our organization.

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